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Portuguese flavours experience

The idea

The inspiration comes from the world of painting, inspired by the tubes of oil paint, leaving the metal visible and using a color palette with the shades of fruit, the pear jam yellow, the apple jam green, the blueberry jam blue.

Our Concept

meia.dúzia ® - Portuguese Flavours Experience, provides tasting experiences in packs of 6 "meia.dúzia" flavours.

The Pack makes it possible to bring home 6 "meia.dúzia" flavours and enjoy it in your room in a quiet way, gift a friend or loved ones with a unique flavour experience of fruit jams in tube.

Our experiences

Seeking to amaze with the creation of unexpected and unique flavours.

We use and give value to Portuguese raw materials of Portuguese designation of origin, such as the Bravo de Esmolfe apple, Azores Pineapple and Rocha pear, as well as biologically produced raw materials, such as the European blueberry, redcurrants, raspberries, figs and aromatic herbs.

Our experiments resort to genuinely Portuguese ingredients such as Port Wine, Douro Moscatel and Madeira Wine. Pumpkin and Orange Jam with Honey, Cinnamon and Port wine, Blackberry Jam with Hazelnut and Nutmeg, Rocha Pear and Redcurant Jam with Lemon Balm and Pink Pepper are some of our unique flavour mixtures.

Our production

meia.dúzia ® fruit jams are all handmade, with over 55 % of fruits, packaged in a tube and carefully labeled and packed manually.

Our packaging

Jams in aluminum tubes meia.dúzia, dispense bottles spoons and knives for spreading.

With tubes exposure to fresh air after opening is reduced, the fruit does not oxidize with light while maintaining the original colors.

We can take them to work, school, on a trip and use them in an original and entertaining...

Our Production

The Jam selection of meia.dúzia® is handmade prepared, with 55% of fruit and packed in a tube, carefully labeled and placed into a box manually. Our jams are prepared with portuguese raw materials, like "Bravo Esmolfe" Apple, "Rocha" Pear , "Fundão" Cherry and "Azores" Pineapple, DOP and IGP fruit. We also used biological products like blueberries, redcurrants, raspberries, figs and aromatic herbs. We added some of the best Portuguese wines (Port wine, Moscatel do Douro wine and Madeira wine), organic herbs and aromatic flowers and nuts from Portuguese producers and other ingredients to complete our jams.

meia.dúzia® Store | RUA SANTA CATARINA - OPORTO

RUA SANTA CATARINA | Rua Santa Catarina, nº 1, 4000-542 Oporto | Contact: 222 080 025 | E-mail: loja3@meiaduzia.pt | Working Hours: Every day: 10am to 8pm. | meia.dúzia® is proud to open another store, this time in an emblematic place. The old Reis, Filhos Jewellery is the perfect place, which best represents the inspiration in the world of painting of the Portuguese flavour tubes of meia.dúzia®. For those who visit Porto you can find the most original gifts and offers of the city. You can taste, choose 3 or 6 flavors and create a Pack of Flavours Experiences of Portugal with the packaging that you like. A unique place, the fusion of history, art and gastronomy of Portugal! Visit us!

meia.dúzia® Store | RUA DAS FLORES - PORTO

RUA DAS FLORES | Rua das Flores, 171, 4050-266 Oporto | Contact: + 351 222 031 064 | Email: loja1@meiaduzia.pt | Timetable: Sunday to Thursday: 10H to 20H Friday and Saturday: 10H to 20H | With a renovated space that includes boutique and tasting room, the meia.dúzia® aims to provide moments of Portuguese Flavors experiences, with combinations and unexpected proposals of our products and get to know the richness, quality and diversity of origin of Portuguese raw materials to anyone that visit the beautiful city of Porto. Set in Rua das Flores, 171, one of the renewed and most beautiful streets of Porto, the new space has opened to the public. We hope to see you soon in our shop! Visit us!


TRAVESSA DA BAINHARIA | Travessa da Bainharia, nº 2 to 8, 4050-253 Oporto | Contact: 222 082 184 | Working Hours: Every day: 11am to 8pm. | meia.dúzia® is in Travessa da Bainharia, next to Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, in Oporto. With a renovated space that includes a boutique and a tasting room, meia.dúzia® intends to provide moments of Portuguese Flavours Experience, with combinations and unexpected proposals of our products and to know the richness, quality and diversity of raw materials of Portuguese origin. Come and taste cheese, ham and olive oil. We look forward to your visit!