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Pata Negra, Serrano and Parma... Do you know how these Hams should be served?

When you think of tapas or snacks, a good ham is one of the first things that comes to mind. The most famous are undoubtedly the “Pata Negra” also known as Iberian, “Serrano” and “Parma”. Each one has its own characteristics, ways of serving, and meia.dúzia® have the ideal jams to harmonize each one of them.

Although it is possible to think that the products are very similar, because definitively the raw material of both is the leg of the pig, the small characteristics that we find relative to the origin of the pig, to its race or to the consumed food, give place instead, to large differences between the Pata Negra, Serrano and Parma Ham, which are ultimately translated into particular and differentiated aromas, colors, flavors and textures.

Ham with Pineapple jam

Pata Negra / Iberian Ham

The designations of origin of the Pata Negra ham (PDO) guarantee the consumer that the product is of the highest quality and with a series of particular characteristics that give it its own identity. In order for a ham to be labeled with PDO it must come from a pig with at least 50% of Iberian genes and the food must be adhered to the established one.

Pata Negra ham has a very special aroma that identifies and differentiates it from any other ham because it is more intense. The intense red color of the Iberian pieces are another characteristic. Concerning to tasting, a good Pata Negra ham is characterized by having a more intense flavour and being more succulent.

To consume one must keep in mind certain important factors that will determine, to a large extent, its flavour aroma and texture. The temperature is certainly the most important of the factors, it must be between 21 and 23 ˚C, this way it acquires the texture, the color and the succulence ideal for its consumption. In order for the experience of consuming Pata Negra Ham to be as profitable as possible, it is important to cut thin slices that melt in the mouth. To accompany, meia.dúzia® advises the Azores Pineapple jam with Lemongrass, with a pleasant aroma and a very citrusy and sweet-sour taste.

Ham with Rocha Pear Jam

Serrano Ham

Produced from animals of different races (other than Iberian): Duroc, Large White, Pietrain or Landrace. They are smaller animals, with more rosy flesh and concentrate a smaller amount of fat between the meat and the skin, which makes it a little less succulent and saltier.

It is ideal that the slices are thin and not too large, if possible cut by hand in an artisan way. The traditional way to consume serrano ham is with bread, accompanied by wine or beer, and it is interesting to combine with the Rocha Pear and Currant Jam with Melissa and Pink pepper, with a sweet, fresh and slightly spicy flavor.

Ham with Blackberry jam

Prosciutto di Parma

Parma ham or "Prosciutto di Parma" is one of the most famous hams in Italy, a product with protected designation of origin (PDO), made with legs of pigs raised in the central and northern regions of Italy, with a special diet: barley , corn, fruit and the whey and curd remains of Parmesan cheese.

The aroma is pleasant, the flesh is reddish pink and the fat is white or pink. It is important not to remove the fat, as it provides the classic sweet taste of Parma ham.

When you have a product of this quality, Italians recommend that you taste it in simple combinations that do not overlap with its flavour, such as: buffalo mozzarella, melon, figs, bread or salads. For a more complex and rich harmonization the meia.dúzia® advises the Blackberry Jam with Hazelnut and Nutmeg, with a warm flavor, soft texture, delicate and with a subtly acidic touch resulting from the fruit.

Each full of intrinsic characteristics, the ideal harmonization can vary from person to person, however, meia.dúzia® advises these flavours that considers more suitable. Meet our Pack 3 - Ideal for Ham, set of 3 flavours for a relaxed tasting at a moment between friends and family. A Flavour Experience with distinction!

Portuguese jams to taste with ham

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