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Olive pastes, toasts and cheese. The secret to a rustic and exceptional flavours experience!

The Portuguese olive is already indispensable on the appetizers table in Portugal. With diverse culinary uses, as in Cod dishes, salads, among others, they are a traditional flavour in the kitchen. In meia.dúzia® we have created 2 unique olive pastes, ideal to accompany on toast in a wine and cheese tasting, combining modernity and rustic in an exceptional flavours experience!

Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste with Spicies

Produced in olive groves on the steep slopes of the Douro Valley region, this PDO olive, combined with spices, and only preserved in extra virgin olive oil, has a purplish black color, natural of the fresh olives, a creamy aspect, and may contain small pieces of spices, with intense odor characteristic of fresh olives.

Galega Olive Paste with Fig

This paste is a blend of Galician olive, a unique variety in the world and known as the "Portuguese olive", of vibrant green color with fig, produced in the region of Trás-os-Montes (Portugal), which gives it sweetness for the balance of acidity.

meia.dúzia® Tasting suggestion

On a board spread the Olive Pastes (to taste) in toasted Chapata bread, a light, crisp, well-ventilated bread, excellent for snacks.

To accompany we recommend 2 qualities of cheese for a more complete experience, we suggest a soft paste like Camembert and a blue cheese like Roquefort, with a complex flavor and spicy acidity. If you prefer Portuguese cheeses, we suggest the Serra da Estrela PDO Cheese, with an intense aroma, a smooth and creamy palate and the S. Jorge Island PDO cheese, with a hard and slightly spicy paste.

To complete we advise for the most flavorful cheeses, a liqueur wine, with more sugar content like Port Wine and Madeira Wine or balanced, aromatic and fresh whites. For the softest we advise Prosecco or Champagne due to balance in acidity and fruity wines with soft tannins such as Pinot Noir.

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