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meia.dúzia® opens a new store at Rua Santa Catarina nº 1 - Oporto. A fusion of Portuguese art and flavours!

Being Proudly Portuguese is a concept that is directly linked to the culture and history of Portugal. Under this insignia meia.dúzia® is proud to open another store, this time in an emblematic place with history and art - the former “Reis, Filhos” jewelery is from now on a new showcase for the world of Portuguese Flavours Experiences!

Coat of arms meia.dúzia Santa Catarina

This is the perfect place, which best represents the inspiration in the world of painting of the Portuguese flavours tubes of meia.dúzia®. “Reis, Filhos” jewelery was founded in 1880 by António Alves dos Reis.

This shop is one of the rare examples of the commercial architecture with references to Art Nouveau of the 19th century. It has two main store fronts on the main facade that are part of the Art Nouveau movement, as evidenced by the decorative elements that adorn the facade, in particular the female bust of the top of the iron frame. These deventures were placed in the building in 1905 and were manufactured in the Oporto foundry "Companhia Aliança".

Bust Dinamene meia.dúzia Santa Catarina

Some say that the female bust at the top of the façade represents Dinamene, a historical and mythological personage referenced by Luís de Camões in his poems in Lusíadas. According to some sources they met in Macao. Camões, on his return to Portugal, brought her with him, but there was a shipwreck, to which Dinamene could not survive and in his memory represents her in the form of this marine nymph. The bust of Dinamene lies precisely face to face with the bust of Camões depicted across the street in Latina Bookstore.

The interior of this new space is an invitation to a travel in time, art and inspiration in the world of the painting of the meia.dúzia® tubes. Filled with original decorative elements such as stucco paintings of idyllic scenery, this room formerly known as Luís XVI Hall is a project of the Architect José Teixeira Lopes and the paintings on the ceilings of his brother. A unique place in the city of Oporto.

Interior meia.dúzia Santa Catarina

Here is born a new space, also created by 2 brothers, to spread the best of Portuguese flavours.

A journey through the various regions of Portugal through the original and unique flavours that are in each tube. Fruits from various regions of Portugal, from the Azores Pineapple, Madeira's Banana, Fundão Cherry, Bravo de Esmolfe Apple, Rocha Pear, mixed with Portuguese wines. Unique and unexpected flavours and genuinely Portuguese.

Jams meia.dúzia Santa Catarina

Pumpkin and Orange jam with Rosemary and Eucalyptus Honey and Port Wine, Rocha Pear with Douro's Moscatel, São Tomé dark Chocolate spread with Blueberry and Port Wine and Negrinha do Douro Olive paste with Aromatic Herbs are some of the flavours experiences that can be found. Here we can learn how to use and get to know some of the Portuguese gastronomy!

For those who visit Oporto you can find the most original gifts and offers of the city. Taste, choose 3 or 6 flavours, create a Pack of 3 Flavours Experiences from Portugal and choose the packaging you like. The Pack 3 Porto and Travel Kit - set of 6 flavours, are the most sought after among tourists.

Flavours tasting meia.dúzia Santa Catarina

A unique place, the fusion of history, art and gastronomy of Portugal!

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