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6 Christmas Gifts Ideas - Portuguese Flavours Selection - meia.dúzia® Limited Edition

With another Christmas already at the door, we all begin an intensive search for the ideal gift. It's not always easy, but this year, meia.dúzia® is here to help with a proposal of original products that will surprise those who receive them. A Limited Edition that can't be missed!

Created with those who love cooking and Portuguese flavours in mind, our proposals range from jams, dark chocolate spreads, honeys, to teas, liqueurs, olive pastes, chutneys and olive oils. So if you are looking for a delicious treat that surprises the senses, especially the taste and aroma, check our unique Flavours Experience.

Get inspired with this 6 meia.dúzia® suggestions

Pack 3 Mix - Christmas Tree Special Edition

This pack of 3 surprises by mixing distinct flavors for a richer and more diverse tasting experiences. Negrinha do Douro Olive Paste is ideal for toasted bread, wasabi, rye bread, goat's cheese or to spread with cream cheese. Raspberry and Lime Jam with Mint perfectly accompanies salads, chicken, pork and veal dishes as well as topping for cakes (recipe: Vegan Cake) and ice cream. São Tomé Dark Chocolate Spread with Blackberry, Hazelnut and Nutmeg combines with muffins, cupcakes and fruit pudding.

Pack 3 Chocolates - Christmas Bell Special Edition

An Experience that born from the fusion of flavours and aromas that complement each other in a unique way. The fruit, a rich source of vitamins and minerals harmonizes in a special way with S. Tomé's dark chocolate, 70% cocoa and with a very intense and complex flavour. São Tomé Dark Chocolate spread with Orange is ideal topping for orange cheesecake, chocolate cakes and orange pies as well as for tasting along with coffee. São Tomé Dark Chocolate spread with Cherry and Brandy is perfect as ice cream topping, with brownies and Pavlovas. São Tomé Dark Chocolate spread with Blueberry and Port Wine leaves you "mouth-watering" with almond or chocolate cake, lemon or chocolate cupcakes and pancakes, or to accompany Port Wine.

Travel Kit - Christmas Edition MIX

This Travel Kit consists of a mix of fruit jams, olive paste, chutney, honey and chocolate spreads. In meia.dúzia®, Christmas smells like Apples with Cinnamon and our Bravo de Esmolfe Apple with Cinnamon is one of the ones included in this pack, as well as Rosemary Honey, which is an excellent companion for pancakes and other desserts. The ideal gift for the ones who don't miss an opportunity to savor unique Portuguese experiences.

Pack 6 Mix - Christmas Ball Special Edition

Like the travel kits this pack of 6 flavors mix jams, dark chocolate spreads, olive paste and chutney, but at 75g each. An ideal gift for whoever likes to travel through the tastes of Portugal. The Azores Pineapple jam with lemongrass is a versatile jam, it accompanies vinaigrettes for salads, appetizers with ham and a cocktail in a late afternoon, combining it with vodka, gin and rum. The São Tomé Dark Chocolate spread with Strawberry and Chilli transmits to our palate a bit of bittersweet, a very stimulating aphrodisiac chocolate that accompanies duck, dried buffalo meat, wild boar and custard. Red Pepper Chutney is ideal for fried fresh cod, smoked salmon, fresh cheeses and sushi.

1st Edition - Box Chef at Home

This classic is especially dedicated those who love cooking. Our Unique Flavors Experiences, here in the 200g version are the secret ingredient for the delicious Christmas recipes. From meat, fish to desserts, our Box Chef is the perfect partner for the proudly Portuguese traditions. For Turkey lovers, we recommend our Strawberry jam with Mint, but for traditional cod we have our Red Pepper Chutney. The Raspberry and Blackberries jam is the complement that cannot be missing in any chocolate cake and our Blueberry Jam with Melissa is the ideal filling for the traditional “Sonhos”.

Hamper Nº1

What if we could put together some of the most traditional products in one hamper? This is our goal with this Christmas Hamper that proposes flavours that fill us with pride. Our Galega Olive Paste, Bravo de Esmolfe Apple with Port Wine, S. Tomé Dark Chocolate spread with Blueberry and Port Wine, Pack 3 Olive oils with green, black and chilli pepper, Ondina Sésame Crackers and to finish the elegant "Fine White" - Andresen Port Wine. Make yours and someone's Christmas more delicious!



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