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6 Christmas gift ideas for women | meia.dúzia®

We are approaching close to the most joyful season of the year: Christmas.This year, certainly very different for all, but, do not let us escape the Christmas spirit that warm our hearts and offers in a simple way the best in life: love and joy for the ones that give and receive. Often we ask yourselves what we can offer to that special person, whit such peculiar tastes that leave us discouraged without ideas.Gifting someone can also be complex thing, because we are not aware of all tastes or preferences. Chose to offer flavours that waken the senses; gastronomical experiences. Offer meia.duzia® gifts is a way give the most authentic and delicious of the Portuguese flavours. They are handmade and dressed with the most efficient packaging 100% recycled.

Find out 6 suggestions meia.duzia®

1. TRAVEL KIT - 6 Experiences of "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate

More than a curious and beauty packaging, this set of dark chocolate flavours combines the best Portuguese fruits with spices and sweet wines.

It could be the perfect choice for a Christmas Gift or a small souvenir for a friend, boss or even your children’s teacher

  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with “Azores” Pineapple
  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with Orange 
  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with Strawberry and Chilli 
  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with Cherry and Brandy 
  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with Blackberry , hazelnut and nutmeg 
  • "São Tomé" Dark Chocolate Spread with Blueberry and Port Wine 

2. PACK 3 HANDMADE JAMS  - Ideal for cheese

In this time of fraternization and sharing experiences traditions and flavours, nothing better that combining artisanal jam with cheeses. The combination of the three so distinctive flavours makes this set ideal for fresh and aged cheeses.


A smile in a box. In these season that inspires the warmth of a fireplace, nothing better than a cup of tea

The floral notes combined with spices, fruits and tea leaf makes this gift, an authentic sensory experience. Worthy to impress your boss.

4. CHEESE BOARD AND PACK 3 JAMS - Ideal for cheese

Women just love this things. A combination of a board with meia.dúzia® flavours makes this option a great choice for all cheese lovers and small appetizers

Beyond the ideal combination of flavours for cheese, there is a board available in several colors, for future gastronomic experiences. Ideal for those love invite friends at home, try unusual combinations, friends and sisters.

PORTUGUESE CHEESE EXPERIENCIE – White pine board and a pack3 of handmade jams to combine with cheeses:


    It wiil be dificult to go wrong in the gift with this pack of honey experiences due to the multiplicity or uses that offers us. Here we combine six honey flavours from diferente parts of Portugal which we add some dehydrated fruits as spices. Except the multifloral and organic honey. These one is left to its natural state, whit no addiction of fruits or spices. A experience that will surprise honey lovers and sophisticated tastes. Ideal to surprise family

      6. GOURMET BASKET N. 3

      The ideal gif to impress the most exquisite tastes of your wife or even your boss. This gourmet basket combines your most exotic and citric meia.dúzia ® flavours with a sparkling Santiago 2015 from “Alvarinho” lands. The matching with this flavours are endless. From meats, fish, chocolate or fruit cake. Undoubtedly a special gift to someone unique.

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