Kiwi Cocktail with Kiwi Jam with Vanilla

Prepared with the internationally famous Dry White Port White, this is one of our favorite cocktails. The Kiwi a refreshing, intensely acidic fruit combined with the sweet vanilla, offering this cocktail a richness in the palate, which makes it highly appreciated as an aperitif or digestive.

Method of preparation:

1st - 2 counts of vanilla syrup in the shaker cup;

2nd - Cut half a file and squeeze into the glass (along with the vanilla syrup);

3rd - Place meia.dúzia® Kiwi Jam with Vanilla;

4th - 8cl Dry White Port Wine;

5th - Half a glass of ice;

6th - Shake;

7th - Pour into the glass cup and complete it with sparkling water;

8th - Decorate with Kiwi in the glass (without peel).

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