Avocado and Strawberry Toast with Strawberry Jam with Port Wine and Chilli

A vegetarian recipe, with a tropical touch of avocado that when combined with the strawberry becomes irresistible! The strawberry jam with port wine and chilli complements with a fusion of hot, slightly spicy flavors. This recipe, simple and easy to prepare, is also very rich in proteins and vitamins from these fruits!

Rye bread,
Goat's cheese
meia.dúzia® Strawberry jam with Port wine and Chilli.

Method of preparation:
Toast a slice of bread. Split half an avocado into a bowl and mix with salt, pepper and lemon juice until a paste is created. Spread the slice of bread with the meia.dúzia® Strawberry jam with Port Wine and Chilli, put the avocado paste on top and cut the goat cheese to the slices and distribute. Finally, cut the strawberries to the slices too and put them on. Cut the slice in half and brown on a black plate.

Recipes prepared by: Chef Ignatius

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